About the Center for School Action

Improving Schools

The Texas Education Agency has long supported districts in improving their schools to support students, families, and communities. The Center for School Action was created to shift incremental school improvement to taking bold actions to improve student outcomes. The Center for School Action supports districts in taking low- and high-performing schools to the next level, and provides the tools and resources available to support them.

Supported by Senate Bill 1882, signed in 2017 by the Texas Legislature, districts are incentivized to work collaboratively with new and existing partners to promote innovation and dramatically improve student outcomes. These Texas Partnerships offer districts the opportunity to expand the diversity of school options, bring in targeted expertise for innovation and turnaround support, and empower school leaders and partners with greater autonomy. Most importantly, effective partnerships give more students access to great schools.

Learn more about the incentives, resources, and opportunities for Texas Partnerships here.