School Actions

The Center for School Action supports districts in taking bold actions to positively impact their students and communities.

School Actions

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Taking Bold Action

Each of the transformation actions have advantages and drawbacks that districts should weigh given their own context and that of the schools they hope to improve. While rigorous evaluation shows that many efforts can improve student outcomes, no single approach is the clear “winner.”  All school transformation approaches hinge on good planning and implementation.

Replicate a Great School:

Districts have long been able to take successful school models and replicate them throughout the community, but it was difficult to do so with fidelity to the model. Texas Partnerships allow the entrepreneurial leaders of high-performing, unique school models to codify their models and become non-profit operators to replicate to serve more students in more schools.

Create a New School:

As districts grow, they have always been able to add new schools to meet the needs of their expanding population. Texas Partnerships open a new opportunity to bring a new partner to the table to launch and operate the new school as an innovation partnership. The traditional avenue to create a new school directly operated by the district will remain in place. Under the traditional option, the district will engage in a design process to plan and launch the school internally.

Restart a Low-Performing School:

Districts have two paths to restart a low-performing school, enter into a Texas Partnership with a turnaround partner to restart the school or restart the school under the Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) model. The ACE model is focused on ensuring the school is filled with the highest quality instructional staff and students have all of the social and emotional support they need to be successful.

Redesign a Low-Performing School:

Through school redesign, districts identify a vetted school design provider and engage in a school design process to improve school performance. The redesign could change the curricular model, staffing structure, structure of the school day, or other factors.

Close a Low-Performing School:

Closure is not something that any district should take lightly. When a closure takes place, districts can support the thoughtful transition of students into new schools, already existing A or B-rated schools, or replicated great schools. Alternatively, the school can be reopened as a replication of a great school or the creation of a new school, giving students another option within that building.